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Course format: „On-Demand“ Online Seminar with bonus material

Exam preparation: Process mechanic for plastics & rubber technology (specialization molded parts)

Trainees as process mechanics for plastics and rubber technology (specialization molded parts) are to be given insight into the procedure of a practical final examination AP2. Furthermore, a lot of useful and important information will be shared in the “on-demand course”. These valuable tips will help trainees prepare for the AP2 final exam. At the same time, they will help to ensure that the exam administered by the Industrie und Handelskammer (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) runs smoothly.

Objectives: In addition to the structure given on the day of the exam, trainees are often asked about operational issues relevant to the exam that they were not aware of in advance. In addition, there may also be deficits in the training companies for which the trainees were unknowingly not prepared. This compact online course prepares trainees for the AP2 in a time-optimized manner and offensively points out possible deficits in topics relevant to the exam.

Target group: Primarily trainees who are in their final year of training or who are concerned with the basic procedure of an AP2 and would like to prepare for it.